Henrik Bech Poulsen

HELEN ALONE is Danish-born Writer/Director Henrik Bech Poulsen’s first feature film.

Having attended film school in Denmark, Henrik moved to the USA where he soon got involved in the Houston film community. “Houston is a great city to shoot in” says Henrik, who thanks the Houston Film Commission for all of their help and support throughout the production.

Henrik’s journey towards completing HELEN ALONE comes as a result of equal doses of creativity and determination. “It’s all about doing what you love and having as much fun as possible along the way,” Henrik says and he’s not afraid to let it be known that HELEN ALONE is far removed from the predictable Hollywood formula. “Movies are art and there should be no rules.”

Henrik: “To me HELEN ALONE deals with something that everybody can relate to, which is the discovery that we all have growing up and realizing that the world is not the same when you’re alone without your parents. Whether you go to the park, go shopping or simply walk down the street, you find out the hard way that people treat you differently if you’re alone and your parents are not next to you.”

Larry McKee

Larry McKee began his visual arts career over thirty years ago as a still photographer, and has evolved into a very effective cinematographer. Through training under the direction of master photographer Dean Collins and five-time Academy Award nominated cinematographer Allen Daviau (ASC), McKee mastered the art of capturing life through still and moving images. One of his most invaluable assets during filming is his intense awareness of the power that lies in camera angles and subtle camera movement, and he uses both to create images that dance on the senses and move the emotions of audiences throughout the globe. McKee also understands the tools that technology of today offers to the world of cinematic and visual expression. His ability to combine all of the aspects of this medium sets him apart as an exceptionally effective visual communicator.

Divorce Texas Style – 2012
Rusty Yankie Productions
Director of Photography
Feature Film

Suicide Notes – 2009
Tick Tick Bang Productions
Director of Photography
Feature Film

Occam’s Razor – 2008
CineMental Productions/Lunatic Fringe Pictures
Director of Photography
Short Film

Decisions and Visions – 2000
Minority Talks
Director of Photography